Logan Thomas Needs Strong Showing Against Alabama

By Jack Jorgensen
Rob Foldy- USA TODAY Sports

When Virginia Tech Hokies QB Logan Thomas made the decision to return to Blacksburg for his senior season earlier this year, the announcement was seen as a pretty obvious one. While some were trying to justify the fact that he may be ready to try his hand at NFL glory, the consensus was that he ultimately wasn’t. But, in the college football world of “what have you done for me lately,” that could all change on Aug. 31 this upcoming season.

On that night, Thomas and his Hokie teammates will take the field to kick off the season in the Georgia Dome for the Chick Fil A Kickoff Classic. Their opponent? No big deal, it’s just the two-time defending national champion Alabama Crimson Tide. Okay, actually that is a pretty big deal, I know. But instead of focusing on the worst case scenario, Thomas needs to embrace this moment and use it to erase some bad memories.

Alabama was also involved in one of the kickoff games last year against Denard Robinson and the Michigan Wolverines. The question going into the game was whether or not the Tide had an answer for Robinson and his athleticism. That question was answered quickly and efficiently. Obliterating the Wolverines 41-14 and holding Robinson to just 27 rushing yards, Alabama scoffed at those who had even remotely doubted them going into the game and cruised to their second consecutive national title later on in the season.

Piece of advice, Logan: Don’t let this happen!

Now when I say don’t let this happen, I’m not saying the Hokies have to go out there and beat Alabama. What I’m saying is that Thomas can’t look as clueless and out of his element as Denard did against the Tide last year. Without question, Logan Thomas is the leader of this football team and he needs to act like it with his play on the field come late August in Atlanta.

This game, to begin with, is a dangerous mixture. Nick Saban trained defenses love to force turnovers and Thomas, unfortunately, loves to turn the ball over. Of the 26 interceptions in his career as a starter, I’m sure that you can go back and find about 20 of those that were entirely his fault with no logical explanation to go along with them. He just flat out makes bad decisions sometimes.

Going back to Thomas not being NFL-ready, if he can show improvement in controlling the offense against Alabama, that would be the biggest stride in showing the doubters that change in his game is coming. As I stated before, Virginia Tech doesn’t have to win the ballgame. While that would be more than helpful to Thomas’ cause, it’s certainly not a likely possibility.

This is the final stand for Logan Thomas. This is a golden opportunity in front of him, right off the bat to begin the season, to completely change a lot of people’s perceptions about him as a solid signal caller. Will all the mistakes of the past be forgotten? No, they’ll still be there. But again, it’s all about “what have you done for me lately”. Going toe-to-toe with the national champs sure would make those memories a little fuzzy, now wouldn’t they?


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