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Michigan State Spartans Hire Jim Bollman

Photo courtesy of 971 the fan

Former Ohio State Buckeyes offensive coordinator Jim Bollman has been hired onto the Michigan State Spartans’ staff to fill that same position.

Or so it appears.

Michigan State has confirmed the hiring of Bollman, but has not said whether he will be the Spartans’ offensive coordinator in 2013.  Previously, the job was thought to be between running backs coach Brad Salem and quarterbacks coach Dave Warner, but the hiring of Bollman brings a new face into the discussion.

It is not known when MSU will announce its plan for the upcoming season, or whether it will have co-coordinators or something of the like.

What we do know is that Bollman and Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio go way back.  Well, at least back to the 1980s when they coached together under Jim Tressel at Youngstown State.  This will not be their first time coaching together at MSU either, as the two were both on Michigan State’s staff under Nick Saban from 1995-97. Dantonio and Bollman even won a National Championship together at Ohio State in 2002.

Bollman was the offensive coordinator at OSU for 10 years, although he never called plays until his final year in 2011.  In that year, the Buckeyes were miserable offensively, although it may have been due to sanctions rather than coaching.

Also intriguing is that Bollman left his position as Purdue’s offensive line coach to come to East Lansing.  He had just accepted that job in January.  Would he have accepted the job if it wasn’t as offensive coordinator?  Normally I’d say no, but if he and Dantonio are buddies, you never know.

Is this a friend helping out a friend?  Or does Dantonio believe Bollman can resurrect an offense that was less-than-potent in 2012?

Questions will be asked, and answers should come soon.

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