West Virginia Mountaineers, QB Geno Smith May Not Be Number One Pick After all

By Dale Casler
Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

West Virginia Mountaineers QB Geno Smith may not be the number one pick after all. The NFL‘s Jay Glazer is reporting that a trade between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs involving quarterback, Alex Smith is about to go down.

Where does that leave Geno Smith?  My guess is that it leaves him at any other draft pick besides number one. It may be that the Chiefs indeed do want to draft Smith and groom him under Alex Smith, but in a draft where taking quarterbacks aren’t very good to begin with, it makes me question whether or not the Chiefs are trying to change their direction and go with another position.

Geno Smith would be a fine number one pick, but you can build around Alex Smith for the future and draft a guy like Luke Joeckel to protect him. That’d be getting more value in this season’s draft; in my opinion.

Why draft Smith to have him rot on your bench? Why even waste a pick to develop him? Why even develop a guy in the first place? It’s the NFL! It’s a win-now, or you’re canned type of league.

If I am the Chiefs, I take Joeckel with the number one pick. I’d rather know what my quarterback can do rather than taking a bet on him. I’m sure Geno Smith would be a fine choice for another team, but if this trade does indeed go through, look for Kansas City to take a good look at a tackle in this year’s draft.

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