Colorado State Players Take Us Inside Off-season Workout Program Ram U

By Rich Kurtzman
Troy Babbit – USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Jim McElwain took over as head coach at Colorado State, the football program has been veiled in secrecy. It’s one of those realities of big-time programs, and Coach Mac wants CSU to be regarded as a nationally-recognized team.

One of his changes has been the addition of “Ram U,” the team’s winter workout program intended on keeping athletes in tip-top condition while also adding strength.

Even for a credentialed journalist, it’s still not completely clear what the Rams do in total, but I can say this: it’s a lot more than any CSU player has gone through in years past.

They’re waking up at the crack of dawn – or earlier – and hitting the weights hard. You can see it on Twitter, when they boast about getting through workouts to teammates that are scheduled to go later in the day. They’re also running, and doing conditioning drills to keep their cardiovascular systems strong.

Apparently, they’re also participating in position-specific drills, practicing more advanced techniques that will help them in real games.

Luckily, for fans and media alike, Colorado State released a video interview with star cornerbacks Bernard Blake and Shaq Bell, in which the important players talk about many aspects of Ram U. The video not only has both Blake and Bell talking about their experiences in the program, but it shows clips of them competing in select drills.

It’s insightful, interesting information for CSU Rams fans, as the off-season has been a weak point in the team’s preparation in the pre-McElwain days.

Make no doubt about it, Colorado State is improving.

It’s not just what happens on Saturdays. It’s McElwain’s motto of being excellent everyday, and that’s certainly spilled over into the off-season, where his team is preparing as though they have a game this week.

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