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Five College Football Coaches Riding Hot Streaks Into 2013

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Five College Football Coaches Riding Hot Streaks Into 2013

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A great coach in this day in age in hard to come by. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a man wearing the headset that is capable of running and leading a team better than nearly every other coach in the country.

Coaches in college football come and go as years pass. Some coaches who were formerly great are merely average now, and some who weren’t relevant at all a few years ago are now some of the hottest names in football.

While the list of great coaches is debatable, there are a few coaches that many would not argue deserve to be included in the list of best coaches in college football.

What I’d like to do however, is take a look at only five active college football coaches. These five coaches, in my opinion, are five of the hottest names in college football at the moment. These guys are not necessarily coaches who consistently win and bring home championships for their schools, but are coaches who are on hot streaks and performing particularly well.

While you may find some of the coaches in this slideshow in the top five winningest active coaches list, some may not be. This is a list of five active coaches who are a hot commodity and are having some of the best coaching years of their career.

Without further ado, here are five coaches who are riding a hot streak.

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Chris Petersen (Boise State)

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Would you believe me if I told you Chris Petersen has more wins than any other active college football coach? Well he does. Petersen transformed Boise State into a football powerhouse and has performed exceptionally well for the past few seasons.

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Urban Meyer (Ohio State)

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Urban Meyer came back into coaching and took over a team with a postseason ban and a number of sanctions and led them to an undefeated season. This is no easy task. Meyer has proven himself as one of the best coaches to ever coach the game, but he is performing very well at the moment.

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Nick Saban (Alabama)

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This is a given, but coach Saban is having some of the best years he will ever have as a head coach. He has won back-to-back championships and is riding some great momentum into 2013.

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Mark Richt (Georgia)

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Mark Richt quietly led Georgia to a two loss season in 2012 and nearly upset Alabama in the SEC Championship game. It has been a little while since Georgia had been relevant but Richt has brought the Bulldogs back and has momentum in his coaching career.

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Steve Spurrier (South Carolina)

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The ole ball coach is performing very well at the moment as has been for the past few seasons. As he nears the end of his college coaching career he is capable of continuing to ride out his winning momentum to a successful 2013 season.

Five College Football Coaches Riding Hot Streaks Into 2013