Honey Badger Award For Extracurricular Excellence: Week 8

By Tyler Brett
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The race for the Honey Badger Award for Extracurricular Excellence is heating up as four new programs throw their hat in the ring in Week 8 of this prestigious competition. While it wasn’t the group efforts we saw last week, there was still some extremely criminal behavior being perpetrated by the youth this week.

First up, we head down south where Mark Richt has lost control of the book buy-back system! Georgia Bulldogs‘ third string tight end Ty Flournoy-Smith was arrested last Friday for reporting a false crime. The up-and-coming Bulldog filed a police report alleging that his textbooks were stolen.

However, police soon learned that Smith’s books had not been stolen and that Ty Flournoy-Smith himself had sold them back already. After being released on $1,000 bond, the young Dawg tweeted, “You live, and you learn,” but shouldn’t “Don’t lie to the cops,” be a lesson you already know?

Next up is the most frightening entry in the HBAEE coming out of Salt Lake City. Utah Utes‘ defensive tackle Niasi Leota was arrested on three felony charges and four misdemeanors after attacking his wife in their home. The hulking Leota struck his wife in the head and face with his fists, a curling iron and the towel rack he ripped out of the wall, attempted to strangle her with the cord of the curling iron, stab her with the broken towel rack, and filled up the tub to electrocute her with the curling iron…while their children looked on.

Leota’s wife was able to escape and lock herself in a friend’s car until police arrived and when they did they found the now former Utes football player (he was quickly dismissed from the team following his arrest) screaming threats at his wife as he attacked the car. All in all, it should be a pretty easy case for the prosecution, Mrs. Leota’s divorce lawyer and Child Protective Services.

On a lighter note, the Penn State Nittany Lions had running back Akeel Lynch get tagged for criminal mischief for an incident way back in November. Lynch was reportedly trying to scare one of his friends in one of the residence halls on campus and ended up breaking a window and racking up $938 in damages.

The young Penn State back tweeted “[s]ituation occurred last semester, complete accident and already handled,” but will have a preliminary hearing on March 27. Kids being kids. What can you do?

Finally, the Colorado Buffaloes make their first foray into the HBAEE with young defensive tackle Samson Kafovalu doing his best Kool-Aid man impression at a party on campus. The 19-year-old Kafovalu, already having ingested his fair share of adult libations, was turned away from a fraternity party on campus and began to cause a stir. As he left, he made an impact…by slamming through a brick wall on his way out.

Things didn’t get better for the young man when the police showed up. After blowing a .120 on the breathalyzer, Kafovalu threatened the police officers and was recorded telling them: “Don’t [expletive] do this [expletive], I’ll [expletive] kill you,” which is almost never the right answer when talking to the police! Kafovalu was charged with threatening bodily harm, trespassing, consumption of alcohol by a minor and use of fighting words. In short, he made bad choices.

So let’s check in on the Week 8 standings:


Alabama Crimson Tide 4 Four Man Assualt For Snacks
Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders 3 Three Rioting Raiders
Florida Gators 2 Jessamen Dunker Grand Theft Moped
Lew Chez Purifoy Marijuana Possession
Washington State Cougars 2 Leon Brooks DUI
Drew Lotus Pantsing Tequila
West Virginia Mountaineers 2 Travis Bell DWI
Karl Joseph Domestic Violence
Arkansas Razorbacks 1 Austin Flynn DWI
Colorado Buffaloes 1 Samson Kafovalu MIC & Other Bad Choices
Florida International Panthers 1 Prince Matt Marijuana Possession
Florida State Seminoles 1 James Wilder Failure To Appear
Georgia Bulldogs 1 Ty Flournoy-Smith Reporting False Crime
Kansas Jayhawks 1 Ben Heeney Assault and Battery
Kentucky Wildcats 1 T.J. Jones Weapons Charge
North Carolina State Wolfpack 1 Logan Winkles DUI
Penn State Nittany Lions 1 Akeel Lynch Criminal Mischief
Texas Longhorns 1 Connor Brewer Dorm Room MIP
Texas A&M Aggies 1 Kirby Ennis Gun Charge
USC Trojans 1 Junior Pomee Grand Theft Apple Products
Utah Utes 1 Niasi Leota Extreme Domestic Violence
Total Extracurricular Fun-Times 25  Good times don’t stop rolling!

Come back next week to see what other college athletes make their parents proud!

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