NCAA Football 2014's Cover Comes down to Denard Robinson and Ryan Swope

By Cameron Adamczyk
Andrew Weber- US Presswire


Denard Robinson is back in the NCAA news this week as the battle for the cover of “NCAA Football 14” comes down to two people.

Denard is facing off against an unlikely opponent from Texas A&M named Ryan Swope. Swope, who left the Aggies as a senior, is a wide receiver who stands at 6’ 1”.  In 2012, Swope caught 72 balls and scored eight touchdowns.  He had 913 yards to add to the stats. While these stats are solid enough, Swope wasn’t a big face of college football in 2012.  He had a solid year, but I hadn’t heard of this guy until I saw he was in the final vote.

On the other hand, Denard seems to be the favorite in the voting. What he gave you was plenty of highlights to watch. Denard seemingly broke off huge runs every week. His big play ability makes him a much better fit for the cover than Ryan Swope.

Let’s compare career stats between the two guys. Robinson had 4,495 rushing yards on his career. These numbers are running-back like and show how explosive he is. Swope had 3,117 receiving yards in his career. The numbers say he was a very solid player. Swope caught 252 balls in his four years there, and scored a grand total of 24 times. Robinson threw for 6,250 yards in his four year career. He racked up a total of 10,776 yards between passing, rushing, and receiving. Swope had 3,176 total yards in his career between passing, rushing, and receiving.

The numbers seem in Denard’s favor clearly, but how about the highlight reel? For your viewing pleasure, I found highlight reels of both of these guys. You can be the judge who has the better one.

Here is Ryan Swope’s reel.

Here is Denard Robinson’s reel.

Being a diehard Michigan fan, I would love to see Denard Robinson on the cover. We’ll see who wins when the voting ends on March 8th.


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