College Football Rumors Swirl About LSU Tigers Head Coach Les Miles Stepping Down After Affair With Student

By Dan Parzych
(Beth Hall/USA Today Sports)

While nothing is official at the moment, college football rumors are swirling like crazy about LSU Tigers head coach Les Miles possibly stepping down on Monday after he had an affair with a student. If this rumor does end up being true, there’s no telling how it would shake up the college football world.


There’s no question Miles is one of the top head coaches at the college level and losing him would most likely set the Tigers back a couple of years. Ever since Miles came on board as head coach, LSU has always been a National Championship contender each season and the last thing they want to see happen if have him step down for something like this.

Obviously, there’s no reason to believe this is 100 percent true just yet considering this is nothing but a rumor for now and it could easily end up being untrue. Still, this type of rumor is one of those situations where LSU players and fans are hoping ends up being false.

As mentioned before, there’s a good chance LSU will be National Championship contenders once again in 2013 and the last thing they want to see happen is have their beloved head coach step down to set the team back a few years. It should be interesting to see what these next couple of days are like for the LSU football team as they will most likely want to put an end to these rumors as quickly as possible–whether they end up being true or not.



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