Les Miles' Affair Just Another Nasty Rumor

By Connor Muldowney
Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Sports have had their fair share of villains emerging in the past few years. Whether South African sprinter Oscar Pistorious turning from hero to villain after killing his girlfriend, famed American cyclist Lance Armstrong admitting to doping or Tiger Woods watching his life crumble in front of him after a series of very public affairs.

Well, this could be the next in that line of sports icons turned into an antagonist. I’m not saying, by any means, that Les Miles is a hero to the country, but he is considered by many as one of college football’s top coaches.

Rumors have been circulating within the last few hours that claim that the LSU head coach had an affair with a student. Even more shocking– not that Miles having an affair isn’t shocking– is that the 59-year-old coach will be stepping down as the Tigers’ head coach on Monday.

What does this look like? It looks as if it’s just yet another nasty rumor to hit the Twitter wire and that the coach needs to make a statement as soon as humanly possible in order to clear his name.

A similar rumor happened to Villanova basketball head coach Jay Wright before the 2012 season. Rumors circulated that he had an affair with a Villanova student and would be forced to step down as head coach.

I’m not saying that this is impossible to believe, seeing as it has happened in sports before, but the likelihood of this rumor being true about such a well-respected coach and individual– unlikely.

Twitter needs to get the rumors under control. Besides phantom deaths and fake affairs, Twitter is usually a place for quality breaking news.

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