Les Miles Rumored to have Engaged in Inappropriate Relationship with Student

By Patrick Schmidt
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Rumors are always a dangerous subject to tackle and the latest rumor to make its way into the forefront today is that LSU head coach, Les Miles is alleged to have been having an affair with a student.


I find this incredibly hard to believe and rumors are swirling that he will be stepping down as coach of the Tigers on Monday.

Nothing has been confirmed and for the moment it’s just speculation that has yet to be shot down, but let’s pretend that this moves from just being an internet rumor to reality for a second. How shocking of a scandal would this be for college football and LSU?

It obviously hurts their chances on the field without Miles who is one of the top five or ten coaches in college football. It’s also far too close to spring practice to hire any potential coach that would have a big impact and likely would mean a current assistant is named as an interim head coach, perhaps defensive coordinator John Chavis would get that distinction.

Plus, you can forget about landing any high-profile recruits such as five-star running back Leonard Fournette coming to Baton Rouge. To say it would cripple the football program which has been one of the four or five best programs in the past decade would be an understatement.

This rumored scandal is eerily similar to what happened in Arkansas last year where former head coach of the Razorbacks, Bobby Petrino engaged in a relationship with a female staffer in the athletic department which prompted his firing. The Razorbacks were a potential top-10 team with Petrino at the helm, but struggled mightily without him and finished with a 4-8 record. Petrino was hired by Western Kentucky this offseason.

This pales in comparison to the rumors of Miles leaving to take the Michigan head coaching job a few years ago, but that at least was somewhat believable.

I find this to be nothing but an attempt at tarnishing Miles’ character and nothing more than baseless lies of the lowest denominator. It takes a pretty low form of life to come up with this type of stuff and I think even LSU’s biggest rivals and Miles’ biggest critics can agree to that.

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