College Football Rumor Mill Finds LSU Head Coach Les Miles

By Curt Popejoy
LSU Les Miles
Derick Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

I understand that college football fans are restless. As a huge fan, I can relate. Even with Spring practices getting started, college football fans crave more. So when the rumors started to swirl that LSU head coach Les Miles was involved in what had been dubbed and “inappropriate relationship with a student,” the angles started flying. Here at Rant, we were all over it.

I, unfortunately, wasn’t online or even at home when the rumor mill started chugging along, so I was a little tardy to the party. I read a couple of reports here and here and wondered if maybe there was some truth to all this. While I have limited college football contacts, I am not without them altogether, so I started to do a little digging. I also sought out the Twitterverse and all of the Tweets that were talking about it, but as I dug through the minutiae of the posts and reports and rumors, it started to seem more and more like this was simply a hoax.

Miles is one of the best coaches in all of college football and a bit of a wingnut. He’s gregarious and flamboyant and never shy about putting himself out there. While it wouldn’t shock me if any person in a position of power like Miles didn’t slip and give in to temptation, you have to think that a person like the head coach of one of the top college football programs in the country would be under a constant barrage of fans and groupies and I’m sure not all of them simply want an autograph or tickets to a game.

But in this case, unless something new and quite damning comes out, it appears we are just dealing with one of those wild rumors that a long college football offseason was bound to create. Stay tuned here at Rant Sports because if something changes, you will find out about it and get our take on it first.

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