Position Change Beneficial to Florida State's Lamarcus Joyner

By Jack Jorgensen
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When Florida State Seminoles Safety Lamarcus Joyner announced that he would return for his senior season in Tallahassee, you could hear the Seminole fanbase breathe a collective sigh of relief. With the departures of some key members on a top ranked defense, having one of your leaders decide to come back is a blessing in itself. Indeed, Joyner will be back in a garnet and gold uniform in 2013. The thing is, you won’t find him at the Safety spot any longer.

When the 2013 season opens up, Joyner will be at the Cornerback slot, opposite the reigning ACC Defensive Rookie of the Year Ronald Darby. There were many, including yours truly, who vehemently scoffed at the move of the beloved Seminoles defensive backfield General. But when you stop to think about it, this may be the best thing for the St. Thomas Aquinas product.

Sure, it’s going to be a bit odd to witness Joyner lined up across from an ACC wide receiver, rather than pin pointing which one he wants to add to his personal highlight reel next with a bone-crunching tackle. But, as entertaining as those blows were, its’ crucial for Joyner’s future goals to hone those cover skills now while he can.

At just 5’8″ and barely cracking the 200 lb. mark, even in today’s college football world, Joyner is considered a bit undersized for the Safety spot. During his career at FSU, Joyner has done more than he had to in proving that his size wouldn’t handicap his abilities to roam the defensive backfield. But at the next level, that might be a different story.

Could Joyner play Safety at the NFL level? I’m sure that he can. Should he? Absolutely not.

With the average NFL career being as short as it is already, due mainly to its violent physicality, the idea of a lengthy professional career could rest solely with Miami native succeeding at the CB position.

Lamarcus Joyner is an instinctual football player. He sees, then he reacts. Like a shark, he smells blood in the water, then he strikes. However, attacking a Duke Blue Devils running back who breaks through the middle and attacking an on-the-loose Marshawn Lynch are drastically two different things.

People also fail to remember, in this day and age, college football has become the unofficial minor league system for the pros. When the announcement of the move was made, the FSU faithful were mostly up in arms with anger, disappointment, and confusion. Like I said, I was too. As a Seminole fan myself,with the Noles defense having to reload enough as it is, I too wondered if the move was the right one or not.

With the athleticism and natural football acumen that he possesses, I actually don’t see the move being difficult at all. A full season at CB gives NFL teams a good opportunity to see what they have to develop. Before his return announcement, he was projected as a possible first day draft pick. A successful move to corner would not only further showcase his versatility, but also wouldn’t hurt the bank account come April 2014 neither.


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