Bo Pelini Shocks World, Releases 'Harlem Shake' Video

By Tyler Waddell
Bruce Thorson – USA Today Sports

Nebraska Cornhuskers football coach Bo Pelini isn’t known for having a sense of humor – heck, it’s a rarity to even see the guy smile.

Pelini, famous for his sideline screaming and in-game disfigurement of the face (such as the picture above), is a nitty gritty coach that enjoys getting things done the traditional way.

That’s why it was so shocking to see the football team become the next crew to give into the craze by releasing a “Harlem Shake” video this past weekend. Not only does the dance take place on the gridiron, but Pelini was in it and even had a major role.

Pelini is first seen getting upset with wide receiver Jamal Turner, who ends up dancing around the field and looks to be trying to get the attention of the defensive players. You can see Pelini throw his hat down in frustration in the upper right-hand corner.

The video then cuts to a huge cluster of players that are dressed in erratic attire (a banana, cheetah, and Cat in a Hat to just name a few), and Pelini is seen in the middle with his famous white ball cap on backwards. He even seems to be doing his own rendition to the “Moving Like Bernie” dance.

“Bo did good – it was funny,” guard Spencer Long told “I was actually kind of shocked that we did that, but it was cool.”

That’s undertoning it a little bit, Spencer. But then again, maybe Pelini was just trying to outdo his Northwestern Wildcats counterpart and get a leg up on the Ohio State Buckeyes.

And who knows – maybe he can get Nick Saban, Lane Kiffin and Bill Belichick on board.

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