Michigan State Makes Right Move, Names Warner Co-Offensive Coordinator

By Connor Muldowney
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

A few days after being rumored to have hired a new offensive coordinator to the staff, Michigan State has made it official – the Spartans hired former Ohio State assistant coach, Jim Bollman.

However, this time, Bollman won’t be taking over offensive coordinator responsibilities by himself. Mark Dantonio promoted quarterterbacks coach Dave Warner to co-offensive coordinator, and will call most of the plays as he already knows the system.

Warner also coaches the running backs and had success with the quarterbacks for the past six seasons, having coached guys like Kirk Cousins and Brian Hoyer, both now in the NFL.

Warner’s most recent project was the tough task of improving first-year starter Andrew Maxwell and turn him into the type of leader of a Cousins or Hoyer. However, that project didn’t quite pan out in 2012 as leaders can’t be made, and Maxwell had a tough time adjusting to his new role.

This promotion serves as a positive for the Spartans as many people questioned the hiring of Bollman because he was never really in charge of the Buckeye offense under Jim Tressel. Many believed that Tressel ran the offense, but Bollman held the title of offensive coordinator and offensive line coach.

Bollman may take over offensive line duties, but for now he is the co-offensive coordinator with some play-calling responsibilities.

Ohio State fans didn’t quite take a liking to Bollman, but he and Dantonio go way back and this is something that Dantonio is comfortable with, and he ultimately makes the final decision.

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