Mike MacIntyre: Colorado Football Spring Practices Are Open to the Public, For Now

By David LaRose
Courtesy- AllBuffs.com

Unlike in previous year’s the 2013 Colorado spring football practices will be open to the public, at least until they can’t handle it.

During the spring football kickoff press conference new head football coach Mike MacIntyre reiterated his stance on having open practices but said that things could change if the fans can’t contain themselves from posting information on social media sites.

“I don’t want anything out,” MacIntyre said during Tuesday’s presser “And if we do and I can’t stop it I’ll close practice. And I do not want to do that. I want a dad that’s home on an afternoon and his 8-year-old looks at him and says, ‘I want to go watch practice.’ I want him to be able to take him to practice and experience that. I want him to fall in love with Colorado football or even football because I love this game. So I do not want that to hinder it.”

In this day and age it will be tough for fans not to post anything on the internet but MacIntyre will give them the benefit of the doubt, at least to start off. His policy is a drastic change from Jon Embree’s regime when practice was completely closed off, even to the media. Opening the practices shows that MacIntyre wants to showcase what Colorado has to offer and that’s encouraging.

“I sure don’t want to close everything down because of two or three people are doing something to hurt everybody else. That’s why I want to open practice” MacIntyre noted. “I think it’s good. It’s great to have the kids around and the parents or former players come by and not have to worry about everything…. We want fans involved. We want younger kids involved. We want them to like it and understand it.”

Practice for MacIntyre and CU begins on Thursday and while it’s open to the public fans are not allowed to bring cell phones, camera phones or video cameras inside the practice area. The policy also prohibits calls, texts and live blogging while practice is going on.

It’s nice to see MacIntyre encouraging the fan base to come out and watch the team, I’m just not sure how long it will last.

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