Florida State vs. Boise State Agreement Shows Progression of the Broncos

By Jack Jorgensen
Brian Losness- USA TODAY Sports

One of the top stories in college football this week was the announcement of a future home-and-home series between the Florida State Seminoles and the Boise State Broncos. The two teams will begin the series in 2019 with a showdown at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee, Florida followed by a contest on the infamous blue turf in Boise, Idaho in 2020.

As with all series that are announced this much ahead of time, we also have to remember that there is always a chance this may not come to fruition for some reason or another. For example, with the way things are going, who’s to say that by 2019 Boise State or FSU won’t be a part of the 64-team conference that Jim Delany is currently forming in the Big Ten.

All joking aside, as big as this news was earlier this week, when you look at the overall picture, it’s surreal to think that we’ve come to this point in college football.

One common sentiment that I’ve seen since the announcement, from more than one outlet, has been praising Florida State for having the intestinal fortitude to accept this agreement. Wait, what? Yeah, that’s correct. Florida State more or less has been praised for not being afraid to play the Broncos.

Go back ten years and tell not just a Florida State fan, but any college football fan in general this , and you would probably be assumed to be under the influence of an illegal narcotic. But, this is the college football world we live in today. And, in my opinion, we’re better for it.

Ever since the legendary upset of the Oklahoma Sooners back in January of 2007 in the Fiesta Bowl, Boise State has just continued to mesmerize us all with their achievements. Even with the upset of that Oklahoma team, a lot of us were under the assumption that that was just a one-time deal. Yeah, we were wrong.

Proving their “we’ll play anyone, anytime, anywhere” mantra, the Broncos have traveled to Washington D.C. and Atlanta, Georgia since then and beaten the Virginia Tech Hokies and Georgia Bulldogs, respectively. Yes, even one of the top teams from the mighty SEC has felt the wrath of Chris Petersen and his band of all-blue clad assassins in their own backyard.

Agreeing to a home-and-home series with a program that possesses the notoriety that Florida State does is a whole new kind of victory, however. The mere fact that the ‘Noles have enough respect to agree to travel to Boise, Idaho shows how far the parity in college football has progressed.

As for the Seminoles fan base, I’d say the opinions that I’ve seen so far are pretty much a 50/50 split. Some fans are angered about the possible trip to Idaho, while some are angry because they believe Boise State is beneath them. For those that believe the latter, all I can really say is that I’m sorry that you clearly haven’t possessed a television set for the last six years.

All in all, no matter what side of the fence you’re on with this announcement, this is a groundbreaking happening. Just 17 years ago, the Broncos were in the FCS (then Div. I-AA). Now, they’re welcoming the two-time National Champion Florida State Seminoles to their house. Currently a 37,000 seat house, but their house nonetheless.


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