Pair of Syracuse Orange Players Arrested in One of the Worst Burglaries Ever

By Tyler Brett
Richard Mackson – USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse University is an institute of higher learning that has produced countless intelligent contributors to society. Junior Syracuse Orange football players Davon Walls and Markus Pierce-Brewster are not likely to be counted among them in the annals of school history. They will, however, make their marks on the next installment of the Honey Badger Award for Extracurricular Excellence standings.

The pair were arrested on February 23 after being caught on camera in one of the most obvious robberies in history. According to court documents, Pierce-Brewster acted as a lookout while Walls stepped into an unlocked apartment and walked out with an Xbox, two iPods, several video games and quite possibly the smallest television available on the market, a 19-incher to supposedly enjoy their ill-gotten spoils on.

In all, the pair carted off $950 worth of electronics, which they drove back to their own apartment where they unloaded the whole stash. The big mistake of these would-be criminal masterminds was they forgot about the watchful eye of the Syracuse University Department of Public Safety, who maintains surveillance footage of the school’s campus and surrounding areas.

So now officials have surveillance video of the ENTIRE ROBBERY. The loading, the driving, the unloading and everything in between have been captured for posterity and Exhibit A for the prosecution. I’m sure lawyers don’t like to jinx themselves by calling cases “slam dunks” before they’ve been tried, but this case is set up with a nine-foot ladder and a hula-hoop rim.

Both Walls and Pierce-Brewster are former JUCO transfers who joined the Orange last season. Walls played sparingly in 2012, appearing in only three games as a defensive tackle. Pierce-Brewster, however, was a fixture in the Syracuse defensive rotation as a defensive end, making 32 tackles and a sack.

Both will likely see their playing time diminish while they relocate to the county jail. Does Syracuse have a good distance learning program?

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