Georgia Bulldogs Give Mike Bobo Some Extra Bite with $240,000 Raise

By M. Shannon Smallwood
Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

Straight from the “This Should Be Fun to Watch Georgia Bulldogs Fans Completely Melt Down Department” the University of Georgia announced it has approved a $240,000 raise for Bulldogs Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo (it hasn’t been confirmed yet whether or not Athens, Ga., actually self destructed or not).

All jokes aside, this is a huge move for Georgia in rewarding the former Bulldog quarterback and long-time coach for a job well done. With the raise, Bobo is now making $575,000 per year which ranks him at No. 4 among coordinators in the SEC.

Bobo was quietly offered the Offensive Coordinator job with the Virginia Tech Hokies earlier this year but turned it down to remain with his alma mater in Athens.

In all, Georgia gave all of its assistants some love and now has a payroll for football of around $6.2 million. That is still chump change to the amount of revenue the school brings in from football each season. According to Forbes Magazine, Georgia is the No. 5 Most Valued Athletic Program at $99 million with $75 million coming directly from football revenues. That number is only good enough for second place in the SEC.

So with all of those crazy dollar signs being thrown around that all of us would love to have in our bank account, the question remains is Bobo worth this type of money?

If you listen to Georgia fans each day you would think Bobo is the main culprit when it comes to Georgia’s inability to win the SEC Championship or a BCS National Title. But if you actually take a look at the stats, the Bulldogs have had one of the top offenses year in and year out under Bobo’s leadership. Even if you look at 2012, the reason Georgia didn’t play in the title game was not the offenses fault. If you think so, then you might as well turn your fan card in because you know nothing about Georgia football.

But despite the fans feeling toward Bobo, the man just got paid which will bring on a whole new set of critical eyes and mouths in 2013. Especially when you throw Aaron Murray, Malcom Mitchell, Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall out to make plays for you.

In other words, Bobo better keep things moving and exciting or he might get tied up, rolled and egged himself by Georgia fans this season (on a side note to Bobo, if you need to get rid of say $50K for tax purposes this guy can help you out… just saying…).


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