Is Texas Commit Jerrod Heard Considering Texas A&M?

By Corey Elliot
Thomas Campbell-US Presswire

There are still 11 months before Texas’ 2014 commit Jerrod Heard will officially sign to become a Texas Longhorn and the fact that the Austin American-Statesmen has an article up questioning the loyalty of his commitment, due to consistent attempts by Texas A&M and Ohio State to sway the QB away, should be alarming for Texas fans.

Seriously, I’m not buying anything that he or his quarterbacks coach, Lee Vallejo, are saying right now.

Nothing against the kid or his coach, but I’m not ruling out a sequel to the Gunner Kiel shenanigans from last year. I don’t care how many QB’s A&M already has it doesn’t change anything in recruiting; Texas has David Ash for two more years, Johnny Manziel will be gone after this year. There is much more temptation to go play for A&M coming off an 11-2 season in the SEC with a QB that won the Heisman than there is to go play for a school that refuses to admit they are falling behind their little brother from College Station.

But what could possibly make this even more bothersome? Well, besides the fact that there had to be an interview with the Denton Guyer prospect to clarify he isn’t “de-committing from Texas”, I’d have to say anybody who knows the slightest bit about anything should know that Urban Meyer is on a mission in Columbus and will spare no one to get what he is after.

Oh, by-the-way, Braxton Miller will probably win the Heisman this season. So, add that to the fact the Buckeyes are past their bowl ban and now eligible to do something with what should be a second consecutive undefeated season, I’d be pretty worried until signing day.

Look, maybe his commitment is much deeper than words. Perhaps, and hopefully, he bleeds burnt orange and is truly sold on Austin as his collegiate destination. All I’m saying, though, is two of the sexiest destinations for recruits right now are not going to lay off of this kid until he officially signs as a Longhorn and if you’re not worried for a split second that this is a threat to Texas’ future plans than you need to take off the blinders.

Texas isn’t exactly Texas right now and nothing is guaranteed with a verbal commitment.


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