Texas Longhorns Hire Director of Player Personnel to Try and Keep Pace

By Kris Hughes


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I didn’t imagine it would take too long for the Texas Longhorns athletic administration to follow the lead of the Alabama Crimson Tide and hire themselves an NFL-style Director of Player Personnel — and whatd’ya know — I was right.

Word from the Forty Acres this afternoon is that Texas has hired former Alabama Director of Football Operations Patrick Suddes for the position. It’s an interesting hire for several reasons, the most interesting being that Texas appears to be hiring one of the Joneses in their quest to once again be among the Joneses.


Given that Suddes also has a background in quality control, it’s just as likely that he’ll be doing the check work on offensive and defensive playcalling, self-scouting, and personnel decisions as much as he’ll be involved in the functions of recruiting which you can bet he will be given the apparent de-regulation of recruiting restrictions that has been temporarily tabled by the NCAA but which we all assume is coming in the not-too-distant future.

While Suddes also had experience working with Nick Saban during his short stint with the Miami Dolphins he has been vocal about his desire to work with young people and to ensure that Texas has all of the advantages possible in the recruiting game which is evolving constantly:

I think that’s an exciting part for me. Having been in the pros and coming back to college, that’s why I like college so much, you have such an impact on a player going from high school to college and hopefully going to the NFL. When they get to the NFL, they’re pretty much set in their ways, but in college, you can really make an impact in a kid’s life, especially coming to a place like this with so much pride and tradition. It’s a big selling point.

– From Burnt Orange Nation.

It’ll definitely be interesting to see the short and long-term impact which Suddes has on the recruiting and internal quality control efforts of a team that has stumbled recently but is determined to do everything in its power to rise back into National Championship contention.

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