4-Star Linebacker Clifton Garrett Visits Ole Miss Rebels

By Connor Muldowney
Photo Courtesy– www.themblock.com

Hugh Freeze and the Ole Miss Rebels have been one of the hottest teams in college football lately. No, not because of their play on the field, as they were only 7-6 last season, but their recruiting success has been well-documented.

Freeze, the former Arkansas State head coach, has quickly become a household name in college football, and could be one of the best recruiters in the nation before it’s all said and done. In fact, after one season of coaching and a wealth of heavy recruiting, Freeze was able to reel in the No. 7 recruiting class in the country in 2013.

The No. 2 outside linebacker recruit in the 2014 class according to 247Sports, Clifton Garrett, is set to visit the Rebels this weekend.

Many people are wondering how Freeze has been so successful with his recruiting, but if you don’t recall that about a month ago, this same recruit (Garrett) tweeted that he had received 54 hand-written letters from the coach.

Yes, 54 letters in one mail delivery to one player.

It’s safe to say that the Rebels really want Garrett to join their young and talented team and help turn them into national champions within the next couple of seasons.

Ole Miss hasn’t necessarily been known as a top football school. They have won just six conference titles in the SEC, the last one coming in 1963, and their last national title came in 1962. Freeze seems to be changing the culture in University, Miss., and he wants Garrett to be a part of that with a visit this weekend.

Garrett, a 6-foot-2, 215-pound linebacker from Plainfield, Ill., finished his junior season with 78.5 tackles, three sacks and three forced fumbles. This guy is a beast.

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