Downsides to Devin Gardner's 5th Year

By Cameron Adamczyk
USA Today Sports-Andrew Weber

Recently, Devin Gardner had been granted another year of eligibility. This means that Michigan has a top-level quarterback for longer than they expected. It also means that Michigan will be competitive for a year longer. This news should make Michigan fans all around the country very excited, and all the Ohio State fans become a little more nervous.

Having such a good quarterback for an unexpected extended time should cause nothing but happiness, but there are some potential issues with a time extension.

The first problem is that they could get themselves between a rock and a hard place. If they now depend on Gardner for their success and he doesn’t pan out to be the quarterback they think he is, they have a sticky situation all of the sudden.

The team is basically throwing away a few years of time that they could be winning with. Also, if he bolts to the NFL next season, Michigan is going to be forced to account for something they didn’t see coming. The team cannot put too much dependence on him.

The second problem is that Shane Morris might not want to wait around for Gardner to leave, and could decides another college is what is best for him.

Losing a guy that the school worked so hard to recruit and get here would be disappointing, to say the least. This kid has so much potential, and he is a player that can lead Michigan into success. He knows he is good, and a lot of other teams in the country know he is really good. There would be schools lining up willing to give him a starting opportunity.

While these things are unlikely to happen, I just love playing devil’s advocate with good news. I am very excited that Gardner will be with the Michigan tradition for more years than they had thought.


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