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Five Ways to Tell You’re a True West Virginia Mountaineers Football Fan

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Five Ways to Tell You're a True West Virginia Mountaineers Football Fan

West Virginia Mountaineers Football
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West Virginia Football fans have been through a lot.

West Virginia has more wins than any other college football team without a championship. It seems like anytime it gets close, something happens to keep the team from a championship.

First, in 1988, all WVU had to do was win and get past Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl and it would be a champion. Led by Major Harris, WVU seemed to destroy nearly everyone it faced. As it entered the game undefeated. It seemed as though no one would be able to keep WVU from a title.

Major Harris was injured on the third play of the 1988 Fiesta Bowl. Harris himself said the injury affected his performance. Without a healthy Harris, WVU lost the game 34-21.

Then, the second closest time was in 2008, led by Pat White and Steve Slaton. All the team needed to do was get past Pitt at home and it was on its way to the National Championship. West Virginia lost the game, and ended up beating the Oklahoma Sooners in the 2008 Fiesta Bowl.

The point is that WVU fans have put up with a very long stretch without a championship win, yet are still loyal and continue to support the team. Win or lose, championship or no championship, Mountaineer fans continue to show up to games and cheer.

Some of the greatest fans on the planet, true WVU fans will always be there for their school, their pride and joy.

Here are five surefire ways to know you are a true WVU Football fan.

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You Still Hate Pitt

West Virginia Mountaineers Football
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Hating the Pittsburgh Panthers is a tradition at West Virginia. The Backyard Brawl was the pivotal matchup on the Mountaineers schedule every year and the fact that the two teams are in different conferences now doesn’t change the dislike they have for each other.

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You Know Who Jason Gwaltney Is

West Virginia Mountaineers Football
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Jason Gwaltney is a name that true Mountaineer fans will recognize. A five star, blue-chip running back in the 2005 recruiting class shunned USC and Ohio State on national television to play for Rich Rodriguez and WVU.

He was supposed to be the next big thing out of the Big East. He personally guaranteed he would start for WVU in 2005 and rush for 1,500 yards his freshman season.

After competing with Steve Slaton for playing time, Gwaltney ended up getting hurt after only six games in 2005. He blew off his rehab and eventually left WVU and struggled with crime, before ultimately landing in prison.

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The Name "Major Harris" Gives You Chills

West Virginia Mountaineers Football
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The closest the Mountaineers have ever gotten to a national championship was in 1989 when they played the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the Fiesta Bowl for the national championship. WVU was led by quarterback Major Harris, who was an All-American in 1989 and finished top five in the Heisman race in both 1988 and 1989.

Harris was responsible for a huge chunk of WVU football history, including “the play” against Penn State in 1988, where Harris made at least seven defenders miss tackles on the way to a touchdown run after forgetting the play.

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You Stayed to Watch WVU Finish Off Bowling-Green in 2011

West Virginia Mountaineers Football
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In 2011, WVU played the Bowling Green Falcons on October 1st. The game was played in a torrential downpour of rain, and was never really close.

WVU won the game 55-10 and after a few quarters, the game was so lopsided that fans left in droves.

The attendance was so bad that head coach Dana Holgorsen actually called out fans in his post-game press conference.

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The Name "Marvin Graves" Still Makes You Want to Punch Someone

West Virginia Mountaineers Football
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If you are a true Mountaineer fan, your blood should already be boiling. In 1992, the Mountaineers played the Syracuse Orange. With 3:39 left in the game, Syracuse quarterback Marvin Graves was hit as he tried to duck out of bounds.

Graves then spiked the ball off of a WVU player’s helmet, and started a huge brawl. After all was said and done, three WVU players were ejected. All three were defensive starters.

Syracuse had only one player ejected; a backup lineman. Graves stayed in the game, received a five yard penalty for starting the brawl, and led the team down the field to score against essentially WVU’s backup defense.