Michigan Wolverines Denard Robinson Wins the EA Sports College Football Cover

By M. Shannon Smallwood
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it’s official. The new cover model for EA Sports NCAA Football 14 is Michigan Wolverine QB Denard Robinson!

That’s right folks, Robinson, the NCAA career rushing leader for quarterbacks, edged out Texas A&M Aggie WR Ryan Swope at the end to take home the dubious honor. Reports are that it was more of an issue with folks hating Johnny Manziel than loving Robinson that pushed the Wolverine over the top.

“I want to say thank you to all the fans at Michigan for getting behind me,” said Robinson, the NCAA’s all-time leader in rushing yards by a quarterback. “Michigan has one of the best fan bases. It’s an honor to go to Michigan, and for us to be on the cover of NCAA Football.”

With the victory, Robinson becomes the third Wolverine to appear on the cover and the first one not to win a Heisman Trophy. The other two were Desmond Howard (NCAA Football 99) and Charles Woodson (NCAA Football 2006).

So now the question to be asked is whether or not Robinson can overcome the “Cover Jinx” that seems to follow the winners of EA Sport cover winners. The other question to be asked is whether or not the digital version of Robinson will make better decisions than the real-life one did at the quarterback position. If so, Michigan might acutally be able to beat an SEC Football program.

Fantasy seems to be the only way anyone can beat a SEC team or player. To be honest, it is shocking the SEC actually lost at anything related to College Football. So I guess there is hope out there for everyone else who roots against the SEC.

In all, more than five million votes were cast that ultimately led to Robinson winning.

EA Sports announced more details will be released over the next few weeks as it prepares for release of the game this summer.


M Shannon Smallwood is a member of the Football Writers Association of America and the US Basketball Writers Association. Follow him @woodysmalls.

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