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5 Offensive Players To Keep An Eye On At Oklahoma Sooners Spring Practice

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Offensive Impact Players Returning To The Oklahoma Sooners In 2013

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma Sooners have a lot on their plate going into spring workouts. They have the acclimation of the new coaching staff, deciding on a quarterback and trying to figure out what type of defense they are going to run.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Sooners are in a good spot with the talent they not only have coming in, but who they have returning.

The offensive line is returning all but one starter. The wide receivers lost two key players in Kenny Stills and Justin Brown, but they have a stockpile of talent waiting in the wings. And there are running backs that are just waiting for their chance to become the Sooners next breakout back.

The next five players are who I expect to step up and do well during spring practices and on into summer. As a side note, not everyone is listed that I think WILL do well during workouts, but just the ones that should stand out at practice and the spring game in April.

Offensive players that need to have a good spring showing or will have an impact and are not in this specific top five include: Trey Metoyer, Jaz Reynolds, Durron Neal, Ty Darlington, Roy Finch and Taylor McNamara.

It’s time for the Sooners to set up a new offensive identity and they have more than enough pieces to fill in the gaps. How players adapt and respond to the pressure is up to them and the coaching staff to make it work.

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One Of The Most Exciting Players To Watch On Offense

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

All of Sooner Nation let out a collective sigh of relief when Trey Millard, aka the bowling ball, announced his decision to return to the Sooners for 2013.

His ability to just bulldoze his way through defensive lines and leaping over standing players is just what the Sooners need when establishing a ground game early.

Millard has become the workhorse-type player for the Sooners and is willing to take on any position he is needed in. The team and the coaches hold Millard in high-regards and consider him to be one of the most motivational players on the roster.

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Will The Belldozer Run The Offense?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The likelihood that Blake Bell will take over the offense for the Sooners is pretty high, but he will have his hands full while fighting for the spot.

We all know what Bell can do on the ground but it is yet to be seen whether or not he can be just as resourceful in the air. We've seen him throw the ball a handful of times, but nothing to make a solid judgement off of.

If all the rumors are true and he has the arm everyone keeps talking about, the Sooners will have that dual-threat quarterback as a prime threat going into 2013. Which could completely change the face of how the offense has been run over the last several years.

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Damien Williams Is More Than A One-Time Breakout Back

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Damien Williams was the Sooners' breakout running back for 2012. There seems to be a new one each season recently, but Williams seems to have the consistency to get it done again in 2013.

The running back had 11 touchdowns, 949 yards and averaged around 6-yards per carry. His longest was a 95-yard run in the Red River Shootout.

Williams will make a big impact for the Sooners running game in the Spring and will carry that over into the Fall.

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A Sooner Legacy

Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

One of my favorite players on the Sooners roster also happens to be a Sooner legacy. Sterling Shepard, whose father, Derrick Shepard, was a star receiver for the Sooners and spent five years in the NFL. His dad was on staff as a graduate assistant when Bob Stoops took over the team in 1999.

Though his father passed away in the Summer of 1999 from a heart attack, Shepard is looking to follow in his dad's footsteps. Every time Shepard took the field last season, he was met with the fans getting a little louder. He has turned into one of the fan favorites already and is only going to be a sophomore.

He finished 2012 with 621 yards and three touchdowns, but should have more of a key role going into Spring and Summer workouts.

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Jalen Saunders

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Another wide receiver that will make some noise this season is Jalen Saunders. With Saunders being the senior wide receiver on the roster now, he will be competing with Shepard and Trey Metoyer for playing time.

Saunders will need to step and keep out of off the field trouble in order to stay relevant with as deep as the Sooners are in the receiver position.

I expect the Fresno State transfer to be all business this spring and going into summer workouts.