Johnny Manziel Can't Keep Stooping To Level of Twitter Trolls

By Devin O'Barr
Johnny Manziel leaves happy
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Athletes in the modern-day era are at a complete disadvantage when it comes to dealing with moronic fans. With the advent of Twitter accessible to any idiot with internet connection, even the biggest stars in the sports world are being put in a tough spot.

Johnny Manziel became a household name last year when he hauled in the Heisman Trophy as a star with the Texas A&M Aggies. The nation fell in love with his uncanny ability to escape from the pocket and make plays downfield, but his immature ways off of the field are starting to taint his image. At 20 years old, it’s hard to bash someone who took center stage in the SEC last season, but he has to start thinking big picture.

His play on the field is ultimately what matters, but in a world where social media plays such a big role in everyday life, Manziel has to be careful with what he sends out. This all started with a rumor that the Aggies quarterback had a Texas Longhorns tattoo on his rib cage, which didn’t go over well with one of the most hostile fan bases in NCAAF. I don’t see an issue nor do I see why folks feel the need to badger the quarterback about a tattoo that would later be revealed as a fake.

At the end of the day, Manziel can’t afford to let those who love to start drama with professional athletes via Twitter get in his way. Fans are morons and the sooner that he learns that, the sooner he will be able to avoid the knuckleheads that love to escape from their boring lives and taunt one of the best quarterbacks in the nation.

Stunts like this are going to hurt Manziel’s NFL draft stock if he isn’t careful–don’t pay the twitter trolls any mind, Johnny, they don’t pay your salary.

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