Texas Tech Red Raiders Challenge Tommy Tuberville and His New Team

By Tyler Brett


Michael Johnson – USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Tech Red Raiders were sent into a coaching search this offseason after an unceremonious split with former head coach Tommy Tuberville. After just three seasons on the job in Lubbock, Tuberville now infamously ducked out of a dinner with a Tech recruit to accept the job with the Cincinnati Bearcats, leaving the Red Raiders without a coach for bowl season.

Being resilient, the Red Raiders righted the ship, winning their bowl game before hiring Texas Tech alumni and former quarterback Kliff Kingsbury from the Texas A&M Aggies to be their next head coach. The Lubbock embraced the hire despite Kingsbury’s youth because of the renewed energy he brought to the program and the fact that he truly loved being there and wasn’t using as a stepping stone to another job, as Tuberville had so callously done.

While the school is very happy with their new head coach, it’s understandable that there would be some lingering hard feelings connected with the way Tuberville bolted town. So Texas Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt decided to get some retribution the old fashioned way; on the football field.

According to Kirk Bohls’ twitter accoung (@kbohls), Hocutt reached out to Cincinnati following Tuberville’s exit from Lubbock to set up a home and home series with the Bearcats. It would certainly give the Red Raiders’ a chance for some payback for being jilted like they were, but unfortunately “They declined,” said Hocutt.

But this may not be the end of it. Texas Tech will still be pining for piece of Tuberville, even if Cincinnati ducks their challenges of a home-and-home series. Thankfully for fans of revenge stories, the Big East and Big 12 have a mutual bowl tie-in with the New Era Pinstripe Bowl.

All it would take is for Cincinnati to finish No. 4 in the Big East (they finished No. 2 after tie-breakers in 2012) and Texas Tech to finish No. 7 in the Big 12 (they finished No. 6 in 2012) for the matchup to take place, whether Tuberville and Cincinnati wants it to or not.

Don’t sleep on this would-be rivalry brewing in college football because Texas Tech demands satisfaction, one way or the other.

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