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Five Things That Happened to the West Virginia Mountaineers in 2012 That Won’t Happen in 2013

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Five Things That Happened to the West Virginia Mountaineers in 2012 That Won’t Happen in 2013

West Virginia Mountaineers Football
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The West Virginia Mountaineers had a crazy 2012 football season. It started out strong and looked as though the Mountaineers were capable of being an outside shot for a national championship. Five games into the season, high off of a big win against the Texas Longhorns, the Mountaineers had secured the number four spot in the AP Poll.

Quarterback Geno Smith had thrown for unrealistic numbers through the first half of the season, and Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey were making defenders look silly. All was well for the Mountaineers.

Then, WVU took a road game to Lubbock, Texas and played in a game that would change its season. The Mountaineers then dropped a number of games consecutively and ended all of the championship hype once and for all.

The Mountaineers quickly taught us that you can’t win with only a good offense. It takes all three sides of the ball to be strong and talented for a team to win a title.

The Mountaineers had three NFL players on its offense in 2012, and that’s pretty much it. There was essentially no defense and there weren’t any special teams.

As weird as that season was, 2013 gives the Mountaineers a fresh start to develop brand new stories for the new season.

It will be interesting to see what will develop in 2013. There were so many crazy things that happened last season that may never happen again. Even if these feats would be accomplished again, it may not be for a long time.

Without further ado, here is a list of five things that happened to the West Virginia Mountaineers in 2012 that likely will not happen in 2013.

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A Quarterback Threw for 4,000 Yards

West Virginia Mountaineers Football
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In 2012, Geno Smith put up crazy numbers all season, including a start to the season that is barely possible on a video game.

In 2013, the offense will be led either by Paul Millard or Ford Childress. It is likely neither of those kids will throw for as much yardage as Smith.

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The Defense Finished 117 in the Country

West Virginia Mountaineers Football
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In 2012, the West Virginia defense was atrocious in nearly every game it played, and finished 117th in the country in points allowed per game. Its yardage allowed per game was not much better.

After a heavy off-season of recruiting, WVU has assembled a strong defensive recruiting class. I’d be surprised if the defense is as bad in 2013.

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Passing and Receiving Records Were Shattered

West Virginia Mountaineers Football
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Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey and Geno Smith all shattered school records for a number of different achievements throughout the season.

These records will likely stand for a long time. It is highly unlikely that anyone on the roster will break these records in 2013.

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WVU Finished With Six Losses

West Virginia Mountaineers Football
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WVU finished 2012 at 7-6. There were two games during the season that were lost only by one point. The 2012 Mountaineers very easily could have, and some would argue should have been, 9-4.

I don’t see the Mountaineers dropping six games for two consecutive seasons.

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WVU had Three Players in the Heisman Race

West Virginia Mountaineers Football
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Tavon Austin, Geno Smith and Stedman Bailey were all in the top 15 of the Heisman race at various points in the 2012 season.

If anyone is able to climb into the Heisman race from WVU in 2013, it is not likely for more than one player to do it.