The NCAA Needs To Keep The College Football Playoff Simple

By Corey Elliot
Mark J. Rebilas-US Presswire

All 31 bowl committees have been invited to bid for the college football playoff that will begin in 2014.

Sure, I have always wanted to play pro football, but let’s be serious.

I’m not sure if this is the NCAA’s polite gesture towards the smaller and less significant bowl games that says “Hey, we didn’t forget about you guys” or a serious possibility that the national championship final four of football could feature the Holiday Bowl in San Diego, but either way it sounds like a waste of time.

The committee that is putting together all of the finishing touches to the long awaited college football playoff system has opened the door to other bowls and has also stated that they will not be using advertisements in front of the final four tournament games. Such is the standard currently with BCS bowl games.

Thus, the only bowl games that really have any business holding a spot in the four team playoff are names that are synonymous with college football. Bowl games that can be identified with the sport will be better for everyone during this much awaited transition. You certainly do not want to lose the prestige and history that comes with some of these bowl games.

The NCAA needs to retract their offer to the other 31 bowls and put down their often flawed rule on this matter and keep the four games between four of the most historic college bowl games ever; The Rose Bowl, The Cotton Bowl, The Sugar Bowl and The Orange Bowl.

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