West Virginia Mountaineers Offer New Family Section at Milan Puskar Stadium

By Mike Atkinson
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The West Virginia Mountaineers will offer a new experience to families in the 2013 football season school by creating a family-friendly section to the football stadium.

The “Family Fun Zone” will be alcohol-free, designed specifically for fans who want to bring children to the game.

The move was in response to feedback from fans, who requested an alcohol-free section after beer sales were permitted in the stadium last year.

WVU fans are a very passionate bunch. I’m not going down the road of trying to classify WVU fans as obnoxious or inappropriate, believe me, but there are times, as with any group of fans of any team, that some of the fans at the game will choose to make poor decisions. These are the fans I wouldn’t want my children sitting with.

Up until now, there wasn’t any difference in seats other than a general public ticket versus a student section ticket.

If you wanted to bring your family to watch a game, there was a good a chance there would be alcohol somewhere in the vicinity. While there isn’t anything wrong with responsible drinking at a football game, there was no way to know if the person seated next you would be enjoying his or her beverage responsibly.

Also, things can get pretty rowdy at any stadium. Some of the sights and sounds children could pick up could be a great experience. Unfortunately there are other sounds a child could hear at a football game that may not be something a parent would want them to hear.

This Family Fun Zone will be a great addition to allow families to enjoy a game together without compromising on values or being uncomfortable. It is a move that is long overdue and should be very well accepted throughout the state of West Virginia.

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