Cayleb Jones: The Best Example Of A Bad Example for the Texas Longhorns

By Corey Elliot


Brett Davis-US Presswire

Texas WR Cayleb Jones is an example of how quickly things can change.

One minute you are an up-and-coming student-athlete on the verge of making a name for yourself and the next minute you may never play college football again.

I don’t feel sorry the kid for the same reason I don’t feel sorry for Manti Te’o. If I’m a football player at a big time university there are a couple things that I probably won’t have to worry about. Attracting young coeds is more than likely somewhere near the top of the list.

I do not know Jones and unfortunately neither do a lot of people who have read the article about his assault charges, but not judging a book by it’s cover does not apply in this situation. When you’re playing for a school like Texas there are expectations on and off the field. Judgment is made between the sidelines on Saturdays, but Sunday through Friday your reputation must uphold to the standards of the burnt orange and white–football player or not.

What are these standards?

Well for those of you that struggle to find the healthy balance of common sense, telling the girl you were involved with that you will fight the guy she is dating if she sees him is a good place to start with the ‘what not to do’ list.

Grow up.

Did Jones text him and tell him to meet him behind the H-E-B at 3 p.m.?

I remember my first girlfriend.

At what point did he think to himself that punching this fellow student-athlete would probably not be a good idea?

It cannot be that deep.

It may be a cliché point of view, however, hindsight would suggest that this girl probably isn’t worth getting kicked off the team and all of the other issues that could snowball from this.

No worries, Cayleb. It’s not like Texas needed a new slot receiver to replace Marquise Goodwin. Let it be a lesson for all that stupid decisions are usually made on the premise of irrational emotions.

And, by-the-way, I bet Mack Brown loves the distraction.

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