Texas Tech Red Raiders looking to renew rivalry with Texas A&M Aggies

By Marian Hinton
Brett Davis: USA TODAY Sports

Fans of any Big 12 school will tell you that there is not a lot of love lost between the Texas A&M Aggies and the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Over the last decade, while the Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Longhorns were battling it out for conference supremacy, a bitter rivarly between the Aggies and the Red Raiders began to form and intensified year after year.

When the Aggies bolted for the SEC, however, the Red Raiders were left without a conference rival, but that doesn’t mean the “hatred” that these two fan bases found for one another disappeared. In fact, more fuel was added to the fire this off-season when Tech hired former Red Raiders quarterback and then-A&M offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury as their new head coach.

Now, despite having different conference homes, Texas Tech athletic director, Kirby Hocutt, has stated that he would love to see the two programs pick up where they left off. “We would welcome the opportunity to play Texas A&M in every sport,” he told the Lubbock media. “It was a fun rivalry, a good rivalry and one in the future that we can begin again.”

Though the two sides have yet to set any plans to meet in the future, A&M athletic director Eric Hyman said that the Aggies would “welcome the idea.” 

This would be a great move for the Red Raiders, who won 11 of the last 14 meetings against the Aggies, although A&M won the final three before changing conferences. Not only would it help re-establish a regional rivarly for them, it would add an intriguing out-of-conference game to the schedule that they would get a lot of credit for winning, but suffer little consequence for losing.

For the Red Raiders, it would be a win-win situation. For the Aggies, well, that may not be the case.

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