Jimbo Fisher Names Clint Trickett the Spring Florida State Starting QB

By Jack Jorgensen
Phil Sears- USA TODAY Sports

Florida State Seminoles head coach Jimbo Fisher made reference to the fact today that during spring workouts, Junior Clint Trickett will be recognized as the team’s starting quarterback. If there were ever a statement to be taken with a grain of salt, this is definitely it.

The three-way battle for the starting quarterback position in Tallahassee between Trickett, RS Sophomore Jacob Coker, and RS Freshman Jameis Winston will no doubt not be fought well past spring practices and into the summer months. While this announcement by Fisher today shouldn’t be taken as a definitive final response to the QB situation, it might certainly be the smart move for the time being.

Having seen some quality playing time in the previous two seasons, including two starts, Trickett is the obvious choice to lead the offense into the early practices while everyone else gets back into the playing mode.

Again, this is only the beginning of what will more than likely be a summer full of speculation as to whom will be E.J. Manuel‘s replacement.

In today’s press conference, Jimbo Fisher didn’t specify how many reps each candidate will receive, but one would have to assume that by the end of spring, all three will be seeing close to an equal amount. That really is the only logical way to gauge who is best suited for the job purely from a practice standpoint. Until, you’re thrown into the fire that is a college football regular season, you never truly know.


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