Oklahoma Sooners Football: The Myth of a Quarterback Competition

By Curt Popejoy
Oklahoma Sooners
Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

There are times in college football when a little bit of benign information can turn into something much more.

That’s what happened at the end of the last college football season with the Oklahoma Sooners football team. During the days prior to their bowl game, the media is allowed to questions players and coaches ad nauseum and at some point, reporters run out of questions to ask. And because of the desire to to ask, and players and coaches desire to answer, something was created — a monster if you will — and it grew out of control.

The questions that were asked pertained to the Sooners’ quarterbacks beyond then-starter Landry Jones. The backup was Blake Bell, and behind him was Drew Allen. But also on the roster is a talented youngster named Trevor Knight.

Knight isn’t the type of player to be a blip on any radar during the season, which makes sense when you are the 4th quarterback. But with all the attention around the Cotton Bowl that the Sooners were about to play against the Texas A&M Aggies, Knight’s name came up.

Why, you ask? Because Knight and his athleticism was a perfect fit to be the scout quarterback in Cotton Bowl prep to mimic the game of Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel. This topic came up during media week, and as would be expected, Knight’s coaches and teammates gushed about him.

Bloggers and journalists ran with this, and it spread so quickly and so completely that even the Sooners staff has gotten on board with the notion of a quarterback competition this Spring.

But having talked to people within the organization, it’s clear that Bell is the player to lead this team. For everything that Jones wasn’t as a teammate, Bell is. Jones was reclusive and withdrawn, and Bell is gregarious and outgoing, and has earned the respect of his teammates.

I understand that fans have concerns about Bell’s arm, but all I can say is remain calm and do your research.

Bell was not recruited as a dual threat quarterback. He was recruited because he has a cannon for an arm and threw for over 2,700 yards and 32 touchdowns as a senior. I respect the Sooners coaching staff wanting to try to “energize” the team with a psuedo-quarterback competition, but I disagree.

This team has a chance to be special and to do that, they need Bell to get as many meaningful reps as possible between now and the start of the season. I plan to do a full report on Bell and the entire roster after attending the Spring game in April, when we should have many more answers.

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