Can the Oklahoma Sooners Turn Josiah St. John Into a Star?

By Curt Popejoy


Oklahoma Sooners
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One of the lesser known players in the Oklahoma Sooners 2013 recruiting class is offensive tackle Josiah St. John. He was a highly touted prospect from Trinity Valley Community College, and so he comes in with the expectation that he will be the next in a long line of successful NFL offensive tackles.

But there is some question about St. John and how good he is, much less how good he can be. During his time at Trinity Valley he was a JUCO All-American and if he was recruited by the Sooners he must have been pretty impressive, right? Not to fast.  The only other schools that made a serious push for St. John was Arkansas State, Kansas, Fresno State and Nevada. There were some larger schools who also made offers, but if you were ranking St. John’s top five, the Sooners were the only name on the list that stands out.

There could be a reason for that. Some reports are that while St. John was a JUCO All-American, he struggled at times to hold onto a starting spot at Trinity Valley.  Troubling for sure, but could be more complicated than just ability. This leads one to wonder if he was really worth a scholarship at a time when the Sooners are working so hard to rebuild their reputation in recruiting. He is certainly a risk at this point.

My take-St. John looks the part of a star offensive tackle. He is nearly 6’8” and 300lbs. He’s a supreme athlete, and that alone makes him worth taking a chance on. If Offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh can work a little magic, the Sooners might have their next first round pick just waiting for his chance to shine. I would assume that barring an injury St. John won’t start this year as there are more experienced players on the roster, but after watching last season go down, anything is possible. I am very anxious to see how far St. John can develop once he reports to campus this fall, and if all his potential can turn into production on the field.

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