Elijah Hood Thinking Local, May Drop Notre Dame from Top Spot

By Patrick Schmidt
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Recent comments made by Notre Dame target and five-star running back Elijah Hood (Charlotte, NC Charlotte Catholic) suggest that the Fighting Irish could be losing their lead for one of the most productive backs in the nation over the past two seasons with 5,291 yards and 83 touchdowns. Hood currently lists Notre Dame as his leaders, but that could be a tenuous situation after he spoke with Tom Van Haaren of WolverineNation.com.

“I’m talking with my family and probably going to have to reconsider some of my schools. Just the ones further away. I kind of want to stay close to home I believe.”

South Bend, IN certainly wouldn’t classify as close to home, but North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Georgia and Georgia Tech qualify. Hood originally had Clemson and Georgia Tech in his top five but removed them for Michigan and Ohio State, so he may reconsider his stance on the two.

However, the Tarheels who have been in the top five from the start and Hood is on record as saying it was, “the coolest campus he visited” appear to be gaining some momentum. You can’t get more close to home than your in-state college and they should be viewed as the biggest challenger to Notre Dame at this point.

If you want to talk about having a need for him, then it’s certainly North Carolina who could plug him into the starting lineup as a true freshman. At Notre Dame he would be a reserve at least initially behind last year’s No. 2 running back, Greg Bryant.

Notre Dame won’t end their chase for the explosive Hood, but their lead over the competition is shrinking by the day. You can’t blame a kid for wanting to stay close to his family.

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