Miami Hurricanes: Travis Rudolph’s Loss Of Trust Claim Sounds Like An Excuse

By Jeff Everette
Al Golden-Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week the Miami Hurricanes football team learned that Travis Rudolph had rescinded his commitment to the program. Rudolph cited lack of trust as the reason behind the move, but his praise of the SEC coaches he has talked with tell another story.

Rudolph says he wants to play the college game as a wide receiver. He is a 3-star recruit at that position. Despite that, Rudolph claims that the coach of the Hurricanes said he wanted him to play cornerback. Supposedly, Al Golden changed his stance when he heard Rudolph wanted to play wide out and this was one of the reasons the young recruit was pulling his commitment.

At the same time Rudolph is claiming a lack of trust in Golden. He is telling us how impressed he is with the way the SEC schools are recruiting him. This expressed faith in the “other” coaches is reason enough to call Rudolph’s “reasons” into question.

What is in the heart of a man is impossible for another to truly know, but based on the information available, it makes perfect sense that Rudolph had second thoughts and is now more interested in an SEC school. There is no crime in this, but since he had already made the commitment to the ‘Canes, claiming he had lost trust gives him a very convenient way out.

If this is the case then the young man chose a very poor way of going about this. Citing trust issues with the head coach of a program is a good way to create bad publicity for the school. With all of the troubles Miami has had lately, this is the last thing the school needs, especially with Golden trying to rebuild the program through the recruiting process.

There is nothing wrong with a kid in high school changing his mind. There is a major problem with a recruit calling out a coach and his program as being untrustworthy. Hopefully, the kids that matter will see this the same way.


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