Major Applewhite And His Future At Texas

By Corey Elliot
Brendan Maloney-US Presswire

Major Applewhite will be the next head coach of the Texas Longhorns.

Write it down, remember it and high five me if I’m right.

The offensive coordinator is more than just the man behind a headset with offensive schemes. Despite the Fiesta Bowl mishap — if that’s what you want to call it — there is a guy who gets it.

What holds more pressure than being the head coach at the University of Texas? Quarterback.

If you all remember as clearly as I do, it wasn’t easy for Applewhite battling for snaps when Chris Simms arrived on the 40 acres. He had to endure the full brunt of being the guy at the school in Texas while playing in the Mack Brown QB carousel.

But what is so intriguing about Applewhite that I have gone out on a limb to declare him my selection for the future of this program?

Added to the new director of recruiting, Patrick Sudds, Applewhite will be a huge help to recruiting. I understand he plays a role in recruiting now, but there is something different about the head coach and the co-offensive coordinator coming into a kid’s living room and pitching to him and his family why he should attend Texas.

He can go into living rooms and explain what it means to be at Texas and why. First-hand experiences are always more insightful and convincing when trying to understand something. But the even bigger part is the offense under Applewhite’s play calling.

In the Alamo Bowl, I saw an offense that looked so good I didn’t know what I was even watching. Ash looked comfortable and confident, and the play-calling was such a good balance between run, pass and going deep with the pass that I wanted to cry tears of joy.

Major Applewhite is the offensive-minded, young, up-and-coming guy that Texas needs when Brown finally retires. By the time that happens, if Brown plays out the remaining years of his contract, Applewhite will be around 42-years old.

42-years old with the opportunity of a lifetime. If he coaches as long as Brown has, it could be 20-plus years of opportunity.

Texas has whiffed on recruits; the last thing they need is to whiff on a future head coach. Bringing in an outside guy with his own ideas, issues, age and agenda is not the direction this school needs to go in. Hand it over to the guy that understands it all and give him a chance to make his first, well-deserved, head coaching job his last.

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