Phillip Dorsett Can Become the Next Great Miami Hurricanes Receiver

By Jeff Everette
Phillip Dorsett-Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


The University of Miami (FL) boasts a legendary football program. More NFL stars claim the U in player introductions than they do any other college team. The list of talented-wide receivers from Miami is riddled with Hall of Fame hopefuls and inductees, and third year receiver Phillip Dorsett could be up next.

The reasons are simple. In just his second season, Dorsett established himself as the primary receiver. He led the team with 58 receptions for a team high 842 yards. While the numbers are not blow your socks off good, they are respectable, especially for a guy that stands just 5-10 and only had 147 yards the year before.

In 2013, Dorset will be primed to push those numbers through the roof. It will be the first year in new offensive coordinator James Coley’s system, and Coley has already hinted at some of the ways he plans on using Dorsett.

Coley knows what type of weapon he has and is sure to milk it for all it is worth. Dorsett is as elusive as they get in the open field and he already has one touchdown pass on his resumé. His speed is a constant threat and he has big-play potential every time he gets the ball in his hands. There is little doubt that Coley will use this to his advantage every chance he gets.

The question is, will Dorsett be ready for the next level when the next level presents itself to him?

Last season Dorsett made sure everyone knew his name after back-to-back  breakout performances. He racked up 375 yards in those two games, notching three touchdowns on the way. It was what he did as a follow up that causes concern.

The third week of this stretch saw the ‘Canes heading up to Illinois to face the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. It was a huge game for both ball clubs, but Dorsett failed to show up. Besides catching just one pass for a measly six yards, he had several opportunities for a break away score. In each instance he watched helplessly as the ball bounced away from his desperate grasp.

So which player will show up when the lights shine the brightest? If Dorsett wants to etch his name into “Canes history, next to guys like Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne and Michael Irvin, he had better be able to show up when it matters most.

This is Dorsett’s year, whether he takes advantage of it or not remains to be seen.


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