Vernon Hargreaves III of the Florida Gators is the Next Great Cornerback

By Scott DelleFave
Vernon Hargreaves III
Kim Klement- USA Today Sports

Vernon Hargreaves III is a cornerback people will be talking about for years to come, and it will not hurt that he will be playing for the University of Florida Gators this fall. Hargreaves is the son of a coach (his dad is a coach for the University of South Florida Bulls) and it’s obvious that he’s a student of the game.

Hargreaves mirrors wide receivers exceptionally, can play man or zone coverage, and has the speed to keep up with seemingly anyone in football basically as a sheer cover cornerback, Hargreaves can do everything at an elite level already. This is downright frightening for someone who is just starting his college career.

If there are knocks in Hargreaves’ game it’s that his build could be better (he’s 5′ 11″ 185 lbs.) but he’s only 18 years old so he will get bigger and he struggles at tackling. With this current skill set, Hargreaves compares to hall of fame cornerback Deion Sanders, and this is an extremely fair comparison.

Hargreaves is just another great addition to this Gators team that is looking to unseat two time defending champion and huge conference rival the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. The Gators had a recruiting class this college off-season that was second to none that made a very good team in 2012 to an excellent team for 2013 on both sides of the ball not just defense and it’ll be interesting to see what happens come this fall within the Southeastern Conference and also nationwide.

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