The Oregon State Beavers Will Have New Jerseys in 2013

By Scott DelleFave
Oregon State Beavers
Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

This picture represents the old logo for the Oregon State Beavers as they are getting a brand new look for 2013 thanks to a continuing partnership with Nike. The new Beavers logo features clean, contemporary lines and a modern, confident and timeless graphic structure.

Todd Van Horne VP and Creative Director for Nike Football and Baseball said, “Nike has a long-standing relationship with Oregon State Athletics and it has been an honor to work with them on their new brand identity.”

Also Oregon State’s athletic director Bob De Carolis said, “Oregon State Athletics has undergone a tremendous transformation in the last 15 years and our new brand identity is another sign that the Beavers continue to confidently move forward.”

When teams change jersey looks, they often come out with a chip on their shoulder the size of The Rock of Gibraltar. For example, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers changed from that creamsicle orange and white jersey to black red and white and that same year they won the Super Bowl. So changing up the jersey every so often is a good thing, also because it can mark the start and end of eras for teams and schools in this case. 

This isn’t just a football change of jersey, it’s all over the city of Corvallis and the Oregon State campus and it seems extremely welcomed from players, casual fans and also diehard fan bases whom can’t stand their instate rival the University of Oregon Ducks

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