Where Will Gunner Kiel Transfer?

By Corey Elliot

Gunner Kiel is transferring out of Notre Dame.

Where he will be transferring is still undecided.

But, is it the same as it was last year during this time? Does Kiel have options like he did coming out of high school? I would not imagine a guy who played musical chairs with colleges last year only to sit the entire season would have the same opportunity.

Nor do I think he deserves it.

I don’t feel sorry for Kiel if he can’t find a solid program that wants him. He had more than enough chances last year to sign somewhere with plenty of opportunity to start and develop and now he may fall into the category “Karma is a…” well, you know.

The first school Kiel ever committed to was Indiana University. With Tre Roberson coming off of a gruesome leg break, many would think that if no place else surely the Hoosiers will welcome Kiel in with open arms.

Those people have not seen Roberson play; it’s a wrap.

The future in Bloomington is in his hands. But there is one school, however, that many have not mentioned during this entire circus that continues to be Gunner Kiel’s collegiate career—if that’s what you want to call it.

Purdue University is without a sure-thing QB. In fact, I don’t even think they know who their starter is as of right now. Obviously, due to silly NCAA rules that require a student-athlete that transfers to sit out a year, we wouldn’t see Kiel on the field for the Boilermakers until the 2014 season, but even at that we would get to see him for three years under center for the black and gold.

I would like to still think that there are some higher profile programs that want Kiel to transfer over, but with his track record of indecisive shenanigans, it is highly unlikely.

Purdue has always been a decent six to eight win program year in and year out almost always playing in a bowl game. If Kiel is left staring at a MAC or a Mountain West school as his only other options, I think Purdue is not only the right choice, but the right fit for both sides.

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