More Alternate Uniforms For Baylor Bears Football

By Amanda Staver
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The growing trend of alternate uniforms has now hit the Baylor Bears football program. They’ve used a couple different ones in the past, but it seems that the chrome look will be a major detail in the new duds.

The way of the alternate uniforms seems to be big with a lot of programs lately after the Oregon Ducks started the trend a couple of seasons ago. Potential recruits love “swag” and having all the different uniform options adds that.

The new alternates:











They aren’t as loud or over the top as other teams tend to go with, and I actually think they look decent. Those gold helmets are going to be questionable to opposing Big 12 teams who take the field against them on a bright, sunny Saturday afternoon though.

I happen to be more of the traditionalist type when it comes to uniforms, but I don’t mind seeing something different on the field every now and again. Nothing out of control, like let’s say, the Adidas March Madness uniforms.

The Bears have been on the up and coming list for the last couple seasons – especially after Robert Griffin III won the Heisman in 2011. They are in the process of building a new mega stadium and now these new alternate uniforms.

Head coach Art Briles has gone and done the impossible by making Waco, Texas look appealing to college recruits. The Bears have certainly evolved from being that team on the schedule that everyone circles as a win, to the team people stay worried about.


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