Texas A&M: It's Time to Leave Johnny Manziel to Himself

By M. Shannon Smallwood
Tom Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

So reports are coming out of the wasteland that is College Station that 2012 Heisman Trophy winner and current owner of the title of the King of Twitter Johnny Manziel shoved a graduate assistant coach during the Texas A&M Aggies spring workouts this weekend.

Seriously folks, don’t you think it is about time everyone stops predicting the demise of this kid? After all, coming from a guy who once was a graduate assistant with the Arkansas Razorbacks, there is no doubt this coach probably needed a good shoving.

It’s the first days of practice back from what obviously was an epic Spring Break for Manziel and the practice field of College Station is a far cry from the lovely ladies who got to be his arm candy. I’m pretty sure the shots of Jagermeister are still having a battle with his kidneys too.

So what then if God’s gift to College Football gets a little cranky? Who wouldn’t when faced with the task at hand for Manziel when he has to be perfect all the time from now on?

Think about it. There is no reason really for us to want to see this kid fail. No matter what you think of his real life escapades as the Most Interesting Man in the World, the true test to Manziel’s legend will arrive in September and run through December.

This sports writer is still a fan and predicted last October that 2013 would be the year the Aggies won the SEC and the BCS Title. At that point, Manziel seemed to have maturity beyond his years and was not fazed one bit by the giants the SEC threw at him week in and week out in his first season.

But as time goes on, one can’t help but to question whether or not Manziel has the drive to take that next step or has he peaked? He does have the hot girl, front row tickets to any sporting event, a Heisman Trophy and a solid guarantee he will get drafted to the NFL at some point.

So the question would be then, what would you do if your were in his shoes? Would you act any differently if presented with the same blessings Manziel has had at this early part of his career?

Some will answer yes and cry the hypocritical puppy-dogs-and-rose-petals scenario they would do. But you know what your answer deep down would be, and its pretty certain that you would’ve shoved that coach too.

Let us all take a deep breath and let Manziel play his cards the way he wants them to play out. Either way, you are going to get some exciting football or another Marshall Henderson to make yourself feel better about your own shortcomings.


M Shannon Smallwood is a member of the Football Writers Association of America and the US Basketball Writers Association. Follow him @woodysmalls.

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