Cowboys Stadium Likely to Host 2015 College Football National Championship Game

By Jeric Griffin
cowboys stadium
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

What better way to kick off a new era of college football than to play the first post-playoff national championship game at Cowboys Stadium? After all, the 2015 College Football National Championship Game will be a celebration and everything is bigger in Texas, so why not have this massive celebration in the biggest indoor stadium in America? BCS officials are set to meet in late April to make everything official, but ESPN Dallas reports that Cowboys Stadium is a “virtual lock” to host the contest.

Stadiums must have the capability to hold at least 65,000 fans to be eligible to host the game and Cowboys Stadium blows that away. The massive jumbotron (a.k.a. “Jumbo Jerry”) reaches from one 20-yard-line to the other, so so everyone in attendance will be able to see the first champion of the new system crowned in crystal clear HD on a humongous scale.

For the past 15 years, college football fans have had to put up with the monstrosity that is the BCS, but it’s all going to change beginning in 2014. That season will be a preface for the new system in college football that’s only fair: a playoff. Four teams will enter a playoff at the end of that season and then the two winners will play for the title in a game likely to be hosted at Cowboys Stadium.

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