The Miami Hurricanes and NCAA Saga Continues

By Jack Jorgensen
Steve Mitchell- USA TODAY Sports

It’s the story that will just not go away. In what has become college football’s most interesting soap opera, the saga with the Miami Hurricanes and the NCAA has yet again struck us with another plot line twist. This one, however, bares a striking resemblance to the last one.

As reported by the Miami Herald today, NCAA Director of Enforcement Stephanie Hannah was apparently never taught the value of learning from other people’s mistakes. Taking a page out of her predecessor’s book, Hannah continued to work with Nevin Shapiro‘s attorney, Maria Elena Perez, to obtain information directly related to the case against Miami. This was the same offense that landed Ameen Najjar, Hannah’s predecessor, in hot water and eventually cost him his job.

It’s expected that on Friday, the University of Miami will submit a motion to have the case dismissed, and certainly this information will be a viable part of that request. The hearing for the case is expected to occur some time in June, which is something else that the University may dispute. The NCAA Committee on Infractions can’t dismiss a case before the hearing actually occurs, so there’s no telling where this may end up.

Regardless of what happens, this entire situation is tarnished beyond repair. Whether the NCAA comes out on top or the university does, this will never be remembered as a fair fight.  Watching this whole process play out frankly reminds me of one of the hundreds of times I’ve watched ‘Goodfellas’. Actually, no, because that movie probably had much less corruption involved.

Two years ago, this was a no-brainer. The University of Miami had broken so many rules that they were invoking memories of the mid-80’s SMU Mustangs. The infractions were, in fact, that bad. The words “Death Penalty” were thrown around regarding this case long before they were with the Penn State Nittany Lions.

Now, we have absolutely no idea where this story will end. Can the NCAA handle a case properly? Obviously, no they can’t. But, I’ll tell you what, if this whole regulating college sports thing doesn’t work out, I’d highly suggest them opening up a drama film-making company. That, they can’t blunder.


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