What Are The Expectations For The Texas A&M Aggies In 2013?

By Corey Elliot
Kevin Jairaj-US Presswire

Can the Texas A&M Aggies make a run at the SEC title in 2013?

It is definitely possible.

The Aggies will open the season with two of the usual suspects for early season home games before hosting the Alabama Crimson Tide on Sep. 14. After the tide rolls through College Station the Aggies will face a very manageable conference schedule.

The difference in the Aggies having the potential to do it and actually being able to do it starts with last season’s success that came out of nowhere.

Having beaten the Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa last season, there should be more confidence and belief that the Aggies can do it again with one of the best home crowds in all of college football behind them.

More importantly, with returning QB Johnny Manziel the Aggies will have a leader on the field that knows a thing or two about coming out of nowhere to achieve greatness.

Heck, by now, the entire team should know a thing or two about that. There will be a new found moxie about this group this season and a level of confidence that will get them through the grind of their conference schedule until they play LSU the second to last week of the regular season.

Between ‘Bama and LSU there aren’t a whole lot of stressful match-ups, so, at the worst I think we are looking at a two loss team next season. But I don’t think this team is at its worst nor is it near it.

If the Aggies survive ‘Bama, the sky is the limit for 2013.

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