Can Oklahoma State Contend for an NCAA Football Title?

By Mark Donatiello
Matthew Emmons – USA Today Sports

Oklahoma State is making great strides in becoming a nationally recognized football program.  NFL stars like Dez Bryant and Brandon Weeden have emerged from a school that was relatively unknown on a national level to bring credibility and recruiting clout to a rising program in a talented conference.

With three quarterbacks returning, all of whom were successful in their own right last season, and one of the best coaches in college football guiding a talented offense, can OSU contend for a national title this season?

The schedule is tough enough, with big-name programs and challenging games keeping Oklahoma State in contention if they can win out.  The Big 12 is competitive, but not so difficult that the champion emerges with nothing left for the title game.  The SEC will likely be the toughest conference in college football again, but a Big 12 team can certainly give them a run – why not OSU?

The Cowboys have the offense to beat anyone.  Experienced quarterbacks all got a taste of what it takes to win in Division One football, and their taste of success last season fuels this season’s promise.  While Oklahoma State has a three-headed quarterback controversy brewing, all options have proven they can lead their team to victory when healthy.  Regardless of who ultimately is behind center for the Cowboys, Oklahoma State is going to win games.

OSU has won Big 12 titles, and most of next year’s roster knows what it takes to win big games.  Whether a convincing win in their bowl game last year, or the 2011 conference championship, Oklahoma State knows what it feels like to be in an important game and play well.

With a top coach in Mike Gundy, quarterback depth, dynamic offensive weapons, and a team that knows what it takes to win, Oklahoma State is a sleeper pick for the NCAA title.   Why not?

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