LSU Tigers Will Not be Held Back By Zach Mettenberger Again

By Mark Donatiello

Zach Mettenberger put up numbers that are unacceptable for a top SEC quarterback. If the LSU Tigers are going to contend for a conference championship, and ultimately a national title, their mercurial quarterback will need to find more consistency and better passing success.

You cannot blame the receiving corps for Mettenbergerger’s struggles, as LSU has top-flight options on the outside. The running backs produced consistent numbers to open what should have been a strong passing attack. The defense, which carried LSU last season, kept the Tigers offense on the field as much as possible and put them in good position to score. Mettenberger was the clear weak link last season, and it proved impossible to mask his mistakes.

To complete 58% of your passes in a talented and balanced offense that, if anything, proved to lean on the run, is unacceptable. By throwing only five more touchdown passes than interceptions, Zach Mettenberger was unable to finish drives. As a one-dimensional pocket passer, Mettenberger failed to contribute enough offensive to justify his unquestioned role as a starter — unless the Tigers were building for the future.

Mettenberger was ultimately the liability that may have kept LSU from competing for a National Championship. Look for him to build on his experience and produce this season.

To see his potential, one needs only look at the LSU Tigers vs Alabama Crimson Tide game tape. In fact, Mettenberger finished the year strong with impressive performances in four of his final five games. He kept LSU in the game with the future NCAA champions, and threw for 298 yards against college football’s top defense. With two touchdowns and no turnovers, Mettenberger produced exactly the type of game coach Les Miles thought he was capable of all along.

This year, building off a successful end of the season and spring, Mettenberger will put forth more efforts exactly like his attempt to take down the national champs in the biggest game of the year. He’s a gamer, and he’ll rise to the occasion to make the most of this year’s opportunity now that he’s experienced enough to thrive.

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