New Coach Brings New Opportunities For Some On Oklahoma Sooners' Defense

By Amanda Staver
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Slowly but surely, news has been coming out of the Oklahoma Sooners‘ spring workouts. A name that has been mentioned quite often is Chuka Ndulue.

Ndulue is a redshirt junior who has spent the last two seasons as a defensive end. With a new coaching staff in place and a new look on defense, Ndulue has reportedly also been working out on the interior defensive line.

The word I’ve most commonly seen regarding the defense at practice has been reinvigorated. This is exactly what they needed after 2012’s mid-season drop off. According to the playersadjusting to new defensive line coach Jerry Montgomery has been easy. His enthusiasm is rubbing off on the players, adding that spark they have been lacking.

As for Ndulue, he is excited about both Montgomery and his position transition. When he was asked about what he thinks of the new coach, Ndulue responded:

“I like him a lot. He’s an energetic guy and wants us to succeed. I just like that he’ was d-linemen, first of all. He’s played the position and he’s always fired up. He’s always jumping around. I like that a lot.”

In 2012, Ndulue started in 10 games for the Sooners and played in all 13. He was the team’s sack leader with five and was tied for the leader spot in tackles for loss.

Ndulue on working out on the line:

“It’s cool, I like it a lot. It’s the big boys game, you basically get down, get low and just attack. I like that a lot, I’m trying to get to Jordan Phillips’ level, at 324. At 260, so I’m kind of struggling, but when I get under them (offensive linemen), its pretty fun.”

It seems Montgomery has had an instant impact so far with the defense. After everything I was told and read about him when he was hired, I’m even more excited to see what happens during the rest of spring workouts.

As they say – new year, new beginnings.







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